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- Auto resume OffHelper           OK
- Add Blood Castle allow buff in safe zone option    OK
- Add Blood Castle allow pvp option          OK
- Add Character close time option         OK
- Add ExcellentOptionRate.txt            OK
- Add Imperial guardian reward experience option   OK
- Add ItemOptionWing.txt            OK
- Add Kanturu Multi-language system         OK
- Add Russian Roulette Remove Rate option       OK
- Add Status Points by master level option      OK
- Advanced event item bag updated         OK
- Combo with 1 or 2 skills            OK
- Custom Menu Option               OK
- Custom MiniMap type 2               OK
- Custom Name Style (V2)         OK
- Custom sign by VIP or RankUser         OK
- Event Entry Count Limit            OK
- EventItemBag coins reward option         OK
- GS Monster Drop info system            OK
- Key Ctrl Attack enable/disable         OK
- Main show confirmation messagebox to close option    OK
- Max Game Instances               OK
- Max Master Skill tree points             OK
- Monster health bar updated            OK
- New MonsterSetBase system            OK
- Npc Invasion option               OK
- PK Zone system               OK
- Fix Blood Castle gm wings             OK
- Fix Blood Castle shows archangel on the back      OK
- Fix Custom Jewel excellent in Wings 2nd      OK
- Fix Custom Jewel excellent remove without using   OK
- Fix Custom Jewel excellent add max options on wings   OK
- Fix Custom Jewel option add random type in wings   OK
- Fix Friend mail + trade zen bug         OK
- Fix Kanturu global message only in kanturu map    OK
- Fix Lock command can buy from a personal store   OK
- Fix Some Skills use on Custom pet         OK
- Fix duel command with command lock activeted      OK
- Fix bottom black bar with Custom Interface      OK
- Fix turn into pk when kill other pk         OK
- Fix snow lorencia/noria            OK
- Fix Jewel bank + Npc Guardsman         OK
- Fix Black shadow + Npc Guardsman         OK
- Fix Illustion temple ticket right-click      OK
- Fix impale skill with custom mounts pets      OK

- Anti Speed Hack Movement
- Battle Royale Event Drop itens when die option   OK
- Blood Castle aplly the exp by rate of ExperienceTable OK
- Chaos Castle aplly the exp by rate of ExperienceTable OK
- Devil Square aplly the exp by rate of ExperienceTable OK
- Chaos Castle aplly the exp by rate of ExperienceTable OK
- Imp.Guardian aplly the exp by rate of ExperienceTable OK
- Custom Client Icon               OK
- Custom Monster Skill               OK
- Custom Mix (v2)               OK
- Disable Teleport Skill when Immobilized      OK
- New Castle Siege damage rate options         OK
- Disable Twist slash multi skill on cs option      OK
- Item inventory reskin   (Ex. Horn of fenrir)      OK
- EventItemBag drops in inventory option      OK
- New Character name style            OK
- Show Monster name               OK
- Change monster name color            OK
- Custom pet BlockBackSpring option         OK   
- Mount Stuck rate option            OK
- Reset Monster Hit damage when player die option   OK
- Kundun boss use OrderOfProtection and Reffil HP    OK
- Promotional Banner when enter in game         OK
- Fix UserHp bar position            OK
- Fix Illusion temple remove effects when enter      OK
- Fix Npc Delgado window (lucky coin)     OK
- Fix Custom Jewel aplly on Arrow/Bolt         OK
- Fix Master Experience after reset         OK
- Fix move when is stuned            OK

-Fix New Maps
-Fix New Mosters

-Fix New item.

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